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Connected Families Workshop @ Maple Grove Community Center

January 20th, 2018

What kids learn when they are disciplined will last a lifetime. When parents are thoughtful about this, their kids grow up knowing that they are valued people built for God’s purposes. When parents are not thoughtful, any myriad of troubles can grow.

“Discipline that Connects” is a profound and practical way to think about discipline that has empowered thousands of parents to be wiser and more effective when they discipline. This workshop is deeply biblical, immediately useful, and will change your life and your child’s life for good!

Our presenters at this important seminar are Lynne and Jim Jackson from Connected Families. Jim & Lynne LOVE making God’s grace and truth practical for parents. Their combination of experience at home with three wired kids, and in careers helping kids and parents, have uniquely prepared them to give parents tools they can use right away, supported by memorable principles that will last a lifetime. Jim and Lynne have been featured on Focus on the Family, Desiring God, KTIS radio, numerous radio programs and podcasts. You can visit their website at connectedfamilies.org to learn more.

(Childcare is not provided.)